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We have designed and manufactured a special edition of just 50 Alsta Nautoscaph III dive watches.

The Alsta Nautoscaph III is the result of a collaboration with our good friends at San Francisco-based outdoor gear provider, Huckberry.

The technical specification is the same as the Nautoscaph II except that this model is made from PVD-coated stainless steel.


Alsta Nautoscaph III from an angle

Alsta timepieces are made to be robust and withstand the pressures of the ocean floor, the knocks of climbing the highest peaks, the vibrations and shocks of racing on the water or on the track.

In addition to being manufactured and tested to withstand the toughest conditions, Alsta timepieces are made to be beautiful and elegant in appearance. They can be worn for any occasion from the workplace to when you are dressed that bit smarter.

The Alsta Nautoscaph is a dive watch that is styled to be worn on any occasion. It has a unidirectional bezel which removes the risk of it being accidentally turned while underwater which could result in a fatal miscalculation of dive time. It is manufactured and tested to withstand the pressure of depths of 999ft which is 300m or 29atm. The original Nautoscaph had 999ft on its dial which is a touch we loved and therefore kept. We told you that we don’t just follow the herd!

The Nautoscaph is also manufactured and tested to be anti-magnetic to a field strength of 4,800 A/m (ISO 764 compliant) and shock-resistant to ISO 1413 standard.

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The Nautoscaph III watch case is cast from 316L grade Stainless Steel. Grade 316L is the standard molybdenum-bearing grade which means it has high corrosion-resistant properties and particularly high resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion in chloride environments. It is also anti-magnetic.

The case is coated with a matt black non-reflective PVD finish. The PVD is applied by a chemical PVD plating process which should not be confused with the lower quality painted finish often found on watches. Our process alters the colour of the steel at a molecular level ensuring robustness even with heavy use. The coating will not however withstand heavy case damage or being worn away by continual heavy abrasion.

Like all of our watches, we recommend that if you submerge your watch in salt water regularly or for long periods of time that you give it a quick rinse under fresh water after submersion.

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The Nautoscaph III crown forms part of a triple-lock mechanism that ensures the water resistance of the watch. The crown is PVD coated the same as the case and has the same distinctive cross-hatch engraving as found on the Nautoscaph II. This design detail could often be found on the crowns of super-compressor divers’ watches in the 1960s and 1970s.


Alsta Nautoscaph III glass close-up

The Nautoscaph III domed glass is a hardened mineral crystal like found on the Nautoscaph II.

The domed glass is a hardened mineral crystal which may scratch easier than sapphire crystal, however, we chose mineral crystal for this watch as it is generally more resilient and less brittle than sapphire and therefore is less likely to shatter and let water in. Light scratches are relatively easy to remove by polishing and if the scratches are deeper you can return to us to have a replacement fitted. Our crystals are tested for toughness and contain an anti-reflective coating on the inside to aid clear vision.

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