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How to Identify a True Vintage Watch Romantic


There’s a group of individuals who believe an old watch is more than a timepiece from the past. Beyond its dials and movements is a powerful story waiting to be told. The simple act of strapping on a vintage watch is akin to stepping into a time machine—it’s a way of reliving that story while simultaneously living in the moment. 

These individuals are the vintage watch romantics. 

If you have been following the Alsta evolution, you are likely a fellow romantic. It doesn’t matter how many watches are in your collection or whether you call yourself a vintage watch connoisseur. You don’t care much for labels anyway. 

Some other signs you are a vintage watch romantic at heart: 

You daydream about adventure. 

Always active and on the go, you crave adventure. It might be shredding the slopes, catching a wave, or climbing a mountain, but it could also be traveling off the beaten path and going after a life few dare to pursue. 

Every watch in your collection represents an opportunity to choose a new adventure. On your wrist you wear a portal to a time and place once cloaked in mystery. From the battlefields to the bottom of the sea, these watches have been places you can only imagine—and it’s the imagination of it that excites you. 

You have an appreciation for tech, but not a reliance. 

Technology can bring new life to an old timepiece, like the Nautoscaph Superautomatic. But you’re not interested in innovation for the sake of innovation or chasing after trends. You care more about the painstaking precision that went into making the wristwatch and the modesty of a design that can, quite literally, withstand the test of time. 

Some might call you old fashioned. You’re simply unapologetic in your style and well-acquainted with what you like. A wristwatch can be many things, but for you, it will always be a piece that signifies your individuality and ideals. 

Your style is your passion. 

While some see a watch as an accessory to a style, you see style as a complement to your timepiece. You receive looks of admiration, but your admirers would never mistake your style for extravagance. Your natural confidence radiates character, not indulgence. 

No matter your style or how you choose to represent it, your timepiece is your centerpiece. 

Are you a romantic?

Romance is a cornerstone of the resurrected Alsta Watch Company brand. We wanted to bring back the mystery, excitement, and escapism of the Alsta watch, while both embracing and transcending its notoriety as the ‘Jaws watch.’   

Head over to our portfolio to see our latest timepieces and celebrate the romance that’s captivated many vintage watch lovers.