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Quality Manufacture

We manufacture and test all Alsta watch cases and components in Switzerland and Germany. Our first model, the Alsta Nautoscaph II, contains a highly-technical automatic movement by Seiko of Japan.

Thorough Testing

We thoroughly test all Alsta watches for water resistance, shock resistance, temperature resistance, and magnetic force resistance before release. All Alsta watches enjoy an international 24-month warranty. Please note, however, that certain restrictions apply as below.

In the event you have to return your watch, we will inspect it and will normally either repair or replace the watch.

It is vital that all repair and warranty work during the 24-month warranty period is carried out by one of our authorized repairers or by us. If the customer or an unauthorized repairer opens the watch, this invalidates the warranty, and a chargeable repair will result.

Warranty Covers:

  • Movement failure
  • Manufacturing defects
  • The watch losing or gaining time outside of the normal range
  • Water ingress as long as the watch has been used within its water resistance rating

Warranty Does Not Cover:

  • The bracelet or strap
  • Water ingress due to thermal shock e.g. use in a shower or bath
  • Bezel becoming scratched, loose or lost
  • Damage due to misuse
  • Accidental damage
  • Loss of the watch pins which hold the bracelet or strap in place
  • Scratching, chipping or breaking of the crystal (replacement crystals are available for purchase and fitting on our Shop page)
  • The crown becoming broken, loose or lost
  • The case-back becoming scratched, broken, damaged, loose or lost
  • Damage or faults caused by an attempted repair by an unauthorized repairer or person
  • Water ingress due to the customer leaving the crown unscrewed.