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Always ensure that the screw-in crown is properly in the closed position before exposing your watch to water.

We recommend that you rinse the watch – again with the crown screwed closed – under a stream of fresh water after exposure to or immersion in salt water.

Do not wear your watch in a hot bath or under a hot shower as extreme heat causes metal parts to expand at a different rate than the rubber seals and gaskets. This creates minute openings that can allow traces of water to penetrate the watch.

Sudden temperature changes are extremely harsh on the water resistance of watches. For example if you lie in the sun and then dive into cold water, the thermal shock can cause different rates of expansion and contraction of materials and could compromise the water resistance of your watch.

Your Alsta Nautoscaph II is an automatic watch meaning the watch winds itself using a weight inside which oscillates to put tension on the mainspring through the random movement of your arm while wearing the watch.

You don’t have to wind the watch if wearing it every day. If you haven’t worn the watch for a few days and it has stopped, simply unscrew the crown to its first open position and give it a few rotations – no more than 5 to 10 are required – in order to get the watch movement working again then the movement of your arm while wearing the watch will keep it powered.

Unscrew the crown anti-clockwise to its first open position, as you would when preparing to wind the watch. Then give the crown a gentle pull until it clicks into its second open position. You can then adjust the time by turning the crown clockwise. To set the date, gently push the crown down back into its first open position and rotate it anti-clockwise. The date wheel will move forward by one number at a time.

When the desired time and date is set, gently push the crown from the first open position while turning clockwise to screw it into its closed position.

Be gentle with the crown mechanism when using it to wind or adjust the time & date as it is a delicate engineered component and will not withstand rough handling.

PLEASE NOTE FOR 50th Anniversary Edition

The Sellita SW200 movement inside the Superautomatic 50th Anniversary Edition requires you rotate to it clockwise.  

For all other models please rotate anti-clockwise.

Mineral crystals are not scratch-resistant when used for outdoor pursuits. Common sense must prevail when exposing it to knocks and bumps. Surface scratches can often be polished out and you should consult a reputable watch repair professional on scratch removal. Please note, however, that the crystal should not be removed by an unauthorised repairer. In the event the crystal requires to be removed, this should be done by Alsta to ensure correct re-sealing.

In the event of deep scratching or chipping of the glass, we would recommend that you return the watch to us for crystal replacement in order that proper tools are used and the watch is re-sealed properly to ensure water-resistance.

Please go to our online shop to purchase a replacement crystal and arrange for the return of your watch for the replacement to be carried out.

To remove the bracelet, you need to detach the spring bar from the lugs of the watch case. You should always do this with a specially-designed tool, known as a spring bar tool.

Insert the end of the tool between the band and where it connects with the watch shoulders. Press the bar in from either end, then gently apply pressure on the tool, pushing lightly away from the watch. This should push the spring bar down and release the bracelet.

To re-attach the bracelet, place either end of the spring bar into the hole on the inside edge of the case lug and reverse the above procedure.