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Introducing our newest retailer… Fremantle Watch Co.


We are delighted with the addition of another retail partner. The Fremantle Watch Company was set up by a small group of entrepreneurs and life long watch enthusiasts based in the historic port city of Fremantle, Western Australia.

‘With a passion for Horology and bringing new people into this amazing hobby.’


We got the chance to ask Jamie Allardice, one of the founders, some questions about their online store and the watch market in general.

What makes your brand unique?

We offer a really personalised service, trading from our boutique but also visiting our customers in their place of work or at home and allowing and them to spend time with our selection of watches so they make the right decision, we focus only on the satisfaction of the client and everything else comes second. Our business is built on loyal repeat clients who are generally horological enthusiasts.


Do you offer international shipping? If not, which countries/regions do you serve?

We ship internationally but primarily service Australia and South East Asia from our base in Fremantle, Western Australia.


How do you decide which brands you want to carry?

There are a few criteria – we need to have confidence that the brand resonates well with the local client base, that the brand is bringing something unique or different to the market and that our values align – the best thing about the watch business is that it’s a people business and it’s very important to align values with our partners. We want to represent the brand as well as we can and to do that well we need to believe in it as much as the owners.


What’s your “grail” watch? And why?

Probably FP Journe Resonance – a Technically unique piece and the man behind the brand is as interesting as the watch.


Any other interesting facts about your business?

We started the business making unique leather watch straps made from shark skins traditionally a waste by product from the fishing industry. We also have over 25 years experience as collectors and in business.


What new buying trends are you seeing?

There is a clear trend toward independent brands at all levels in the market. New enthusiasts are interested in something special and unique and there is less regard for the homogenous designs of established brands. There is also of course continued growth with more and more young people getting into watches which is fantastic for everyone.


If you’re looking for a knowledgeable and trustworthy retailer in Oceania look no further!


Check out their Alsta Collection at