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Alsta was created to bring romance back to wristwatches.

Never following fashions and trends, Alsta has a passion for design and craftsmanship. We believe in conservation as opposed to consumption and our customers care deeply about preservation of our oceans and lands and their ecosystems. They wear watches that reflect that heritage and ethos and that use sustainable-sourced materials where possible.

independent minds

The Alsta wearer is an independently-minded man or woman. They are possibly entrepreneurs and definitely successful, driven, motivated, lovers of adventure, exploration and experiences. They will admire the explorers of the early 20th century, the style icons of the mid 20th century and the technology, business, artistic and thought leaders of the modern era. They, too, will be making their mark in some way and will be inspiring those around them.

driven more by ideals

They are driven more by ideas and ideals than by material wealth. Sure, they may own and enjoy nice things but not because these things are expensive; because they admire their style, longevity and craftsmanship. Equally, they may be just beginning to discover and develop their own taste of style signifiers, like wristwatches.

Don’t confuse them with a man or woman who can afford anything but knows the value of nothing. These are individuals who own and covet what they want and not what others tell them. They care, dream, romanticise, aspire and inspire.